How to Download Video from Twitter?

You may find plenty of interesting videos circulating on Twitter. Some of you may like the cute dog videos; however, others may love to spare time to watch serious debates on burning issues. Many of us like to watch these videos multiple times; maybe, even when we are not connected to the internet.

But Twitter doesn’t allow people to download videos on their phone or laptop. This is mainly due to the specific copyright rules and policies used on the platform. However, if you are interested in downloading videos from Twitter without any hassle, the article below may guide you better.

Tips to download videos from Twitter:

Several software developers have already created feature-rich software tools to help users download videos from Twitter. However, the best recommendation from experts is to use Twitter video downloader, which is an online web app that can be used by anyone with ease. This software tool allows users to download GIFs and videos on mobile phones and computers directly.

Twitter downloader allow users to extract videos with mp4 links from tweets, and they can be saved instantly on a handset or computer. Here we have listed few simple steps of using a Twitter video downloader for your needs:

  • First of all, you need to open Twitter and then visit tweets that contain your favorite videos.
  • Get the URL/link of the respective tweet; to do this, you can use the following methods:
    • Method 1: Simply click on the tweet and then copy the video URL from the address bar available on the browser.
    • Method 2: You need to click on the three dots available below the video, and then from the dropdown menu, click on the ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option. Now, you can click on the URL and copy the link address.
  • Now open the Twitter video downloader on your browser and let the website open.
  • It is time to paste the copied link into the input URL box and then hit the download button. As soon as you click on the Download button, you will find a new download link in a popup window.
  • Click on the Download File option and then enter the name for your video file. It takes just a few seconds to save the video file into the app.

Now you can open the saved videos in the app. It is also possible to click on the Save to Camera Roll option for saving respective videos on the iPhone, Android, or computer.

These saved videos can be further used for a variety of needs. You can edit them, merge them with other videos or share them on different platforms to boost engagement online. Twitter video downloader has been used by several people till now, and they are happy with the results. Anyone can use this open-source platform with ease to access a variety of videos from the Twitter platform. The best part is that it doesn’t require users to install anything on their device; rather, you can access it online, from anywhere, at any time.